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"A jealous woman does better research than the fbi...Alwys forgv bt NVR frgt..."
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i lyk to b a free spirit & [email protected] wht i am.Bt im nt brave n wht im rly gud @ is being nrvs n gettin scared.i guess im too sensitive too,easily hurt,annoyed n evn excited.I lyk to try dfrnt thngs{spcly food.. ;)} I hate self-centrd n self-rightous ppl n i gt along vry wll wt nybdy chrfl n frndly.i dnt lyk to hrt nybdy bt if i hv,js tll me cz i myt hv not knwn it,js gv me anthr chnce n see.i rspct my conscience n i blv in God,ny1 myt thnk im jst a grl bt whn i gt 2 knw me im vrythn..
Monday, December 9