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Some People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of leilockheart December 18, 2011
Inspirational, Life Quotes
Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
A wise man once said that life is not about those who learn how to cope with the rainy days in their lives, but is instead about how people are willing to learn how to dance in the rain. Life is about learning to feel the rain, learning how to make what many may view in a negative light in a positive manner. In order to do this we have to train our minds to think as positively as possible.
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Life Is Like A Book
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of tumblr December 17, 2011
Life, Inspirational Quotes
Our life is one open book full of pages. We laugh, we cry, we smile, we stumble, we stand, we fall, and we succeed. Every chapter defines who we really are.
If we think long and hard about it, our life is very similar to a book. As each page progresses, so does time, and as each page progresses we live through different emotions, actions, and situations. As we pass through every day of our lives we go up and we go down, we smile, we laugh, we cry, we fail, we are victorious, we falter, we listen, we speak, we understand, and we seek wisdom.
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Be The Best Version Of You
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of makemestfu December 16, 2011
Inspirational, Motivational Quotes
Be the best version of you. Do the best you can.
Being the best version of you may be a hard thing to do for it takes great courage in this world to act completely as yourself. In order to become the best version of you, you must have an attitude that is done with living as everyone else. In order to best appreciate the experience of really being alive, you have to be willing to put aside everyone else's voice and listen to your inner voice instead.
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Forget The Risk, Take The Fall
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of happiness-simplified December 14, 2011
Inspirational, Motivational Quotes
Forget the risk and take the fall, if its what you want, then it's worth it all.
When we are on our life's journey towards happiness one thing that we must quickly learn is that we must take risks. In order to live the greatest possible life we can live we must be willing to forget the failure we may experience, and to try to work towards a goal despite their being that chance. Sometimes we have to be willing to risk the unusual, to get away from the ordinary results from doing the same things again and again.
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Letting Go Of Someone You Love
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of superkeri December 13, 2011
Letting Go Quotes
It's sad when people you know, became people you knew.
Sometimes in our lives we must be willing to let people that we may truly love out of them. People can change and become incompatible with our lives, and whether we choose to let them go or not, keeping them in our lives will probably not be beneficial. It is very sad to have to let someone go from your life that you know, and that you thought would probably be in your life for the rest of your lifetime, but doing so sometimes is just the right thing to do.
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