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Dream Big, It's The First Step To Success
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of todayishappie June 22, 2011
Dreams Quotes
Dream big, it's the first step to success.
Our dreams are the one thing in life that help to get us where we know deep in our hearts that we want to be. It is easy to get sucked in into the hardships and difficulty level of life, and just think about keeping our heads above water. When in actuality we should not only be trying to tread water, but instead we should be learning how to swim and maneuver through the water so that we may be able to go wherever we need to go.
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This Life Is A Beautiful War
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of iloveyoursoul June 21, 2011
Life, Beauty Quotes
This life is a beautiful war.
Life is a beautiful war. Life is beautiful in so many ways, beginning with the creation of a human life, one of the most beautiful things if not the most beautiful thing in life, period. Life is filled with beautiful moments like the marriage of two individuals, the passing of hope to each other, and the relationships that we build that stem from moments that we never would of thought could turn into blossoming friendships. It is a beautiful war because we are always at war with something in the midst of beauty around us. Whether we are at war with ourselves trying to conquer things like self-esteem and the use of self-confidence.
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Second Chances Are Rare, Use Your First Chance Wisely
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of inspiredjoyfulchaos June 20, 2011
Life, Second Chances Quotes
Second chances are rare, use your first chance wisely.
Some of us have gone through life getting chance after chance, after we fail because of a lack of effort, and a lack of motivation. Whatever the reason may be, we must always go at life and seize every opportunity that we know is for us the first time that they are presented to us. Too many times we rely on giving lackadaisical efforts on our first attempts because we feel as though we will have another chance to do better, and make it up, if our first attempt isn't successful.
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Life's Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of papertissue June 19, 2011
Life, Regrets Quotes
Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
None of us want to be the type of person that lives everyday thinking of what could have been, and thinking of the things that we wish that we would have done. Life is too short to always be thinking should've, would've could've. Today is the day where you start your future, and the day that you live life with no regrets. It is perfectly okay to think things over, but sometimes you just have to take life as it comes by.
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Having The Courage To Pursue Your Dreams
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of totrustistolove June 18, 2011
Dreams Quotes
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney
Pursuing a dream can be one of the most difficult things in life to do. Many of us may think that we are bound by the realities of life, instead of seeing them as obstacles in life that can be overcome. Walt Disney himself faced many challenges in the creation of his empire, and in the beginning the creation of Disney's empire looked very bleak. With a mountainous load of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Walt Disney created a successful empire that is even more affluent than when he was even alive and well to see it.
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