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Stay True To Yourself
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes August 31, 2012
Empowerment, Personal Growth, Inspirational, Self Love Quotes
Stay true to yourself because there are very few people who will always be true to you.
When we are willing to leave where we are most comfortable and when we are willing to travel roads that have been left untouched by many, then we will be able to find what is great, because we will find ourselves. Take a chance and look for the person that you desire to be. You will experience troubles and adversity along this long road, but never fret, because it sometimes requires pain to grow.
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Beauty Doesn't Last Forever
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes August 29, 2012
Relationships, Beauty, Self Love, Personal Growth Quotes
People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won't be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.
Be careful of those who are only with you because of what they see on the outside. Sometimes people get caught up in the fact of someone looking good and smelling good, while those who know better know that there is much more to a person than what meets the eye. Take time to get to really know who someone is before you start telling yourself that you are really interested in them, or that you really care about them.
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Do Not Chase People
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes August 24, 2012
Friendship, Advice, Self Love, Hard Work, Life Quotes
Do not chase people. Be you, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
Chasing people around in life will be of no benefit to you in the long run. This is mostly because you can't make people be who you want them to be, people will always do what they truly want to do, deep down inside. What you can do is make extraordinary effort each day to be you, and to do what is in your heart, and work hard at it.
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I Love You Has Lost Its Meaning
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes August 23, 2012
Love Quotes
Nowadays people say I love you just like they are saying hello.
Taking love seriously is a serious problem in the world today. More and more people get confused with what love is, and this is primarily because they don't have a serious grasp of what love really is. Some of us wish that there could be a perfect indicator of what real love is, and if someone loves you in the same manner that you love them, but there is just no possible way to know.
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You Deserve A Love That Is Willing To Risk Everything For You
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes August 22, 2012
Love, Self Love, Empowerment Quotes
You deserve a love that is willing to risk everything for you.
Not everyone that is in a relationship is receiving the actual love that they deserve. We all deserve a love that is willing to risk everything for us. Sometimes we may be the one preventing ourselves from receiving the love we deserve, because when we expect something to be given to us, we have to first be willing to give it away.
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