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Leave Your Fears Behind
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of photographyandpictures August 20, 2011
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Leave your fears behind.
Leave all of your fears behind. Fear not, for God is with you, and even when it seems that you are fighting alone and it seems that he is not listening nor that he is on time, he will arrive when you need him. Fear not, because you are a strong, courageous, and loved soul, and when it seems that everything is going against you, you will make away. Fear not, because there is rain, and there is sun, there are storms, and then it is clear, prettier days are coming your way.
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Find The Good In Every Day
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of sungazing August 1, 2011
Positive-Thinking Quotes
Every day may not be good... but there's something good in every day.
Finding good in every day is a hard task to accomplish. Especially on days where it seems as if everything is going wrong and that nothing wants to go your way. Even when it seems as though the world is against you remember that you are blessed. Remember to be thankful for all of the things that you do have. Be thankful that you are even alive and breathing, because not everyone was able to wake up this morning and go on with their day as normal.
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Keep Hope Alive
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of -theperfectmistake July 11, 2011
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I still have hope for the road ahead.
Keeping the faith and keeping a hopeful positive attitude is one of the hardest yet most rewarding concepts to understand and to apply into our everyday lives. Through the roughest times in our lives it seems as though all we should and can do is give up. Keeping our heads up to the sky, and keeping a forward resolve, even through times of adversity is essential to making it to where we want to be in life. Remember that the greatest of people are those who overcame some of the greatest challenges that life had to offer.
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Do Something Good Every day
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of missbata July 9, 2011
Positive-Thinking Quotes
Do something good every day.
Doing something good every day, is a positive way to live life and will not only benefit you but can also potentially benefit multitudes of people who may be blessed by the things you do directly or indirectly. Every person has the ability to make a difference, the tiniest acts of kindness and good will to good causes can change the world for the better tremendously. Can you imagine how different the world would be if every single person in it made an attempt to do something good, something kind, or something selfless every single day?
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What Comes Is Better Than What Came
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of happybutt June 16, 2011
Positive-Thinking, Optimistic, Moving Forward Quotes
What comes is better than what came.
What comes is better than what came is an age old saying that reinforces the idea in us that if we keep on hoping, and pushing forward, that the tomorrow we will see will be better than the right now, and our pasts. We have to keep an optimistic attitude and resolve on a daily basis. One day of negativity can push you behind and maybe allow for you to miss opportunities that you probably would have experienced if you just remained positive.
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