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Fools Use Tomorrow, Wise Use Today
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of tihia September 8, 2011
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Fools use tomorrow. Wise use today.
Carpe Diem is a famous Latin term meaning to "seize the day." A lot of us are guilty of one of the biggest sins a man can commit, procrastination. As this fortune states, only fools will be reliant upon making things happen tomorrow, while those with wisdom will use every minute of every day in order to make the things happen that they want to make happen. When we tell ourselves that we are going to make things happen at a later time, we may be depriving ourselves from achieving our goals and aspirations forever.
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Stay True To Yourself
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of noeeeee September 7, 2011
Encouraging, Self-Growth Quotes
Be yourself. People may or may not like you, but it's important that you stay true to who you are.
Staying true to who you are means going right whenever everyone else goes left, it means leaving a place because you aren't comfortable while everyone else stays, it means not wearing the same masks that everyone else wears, and showing your face, showing who you really are, while everyone else would rather wear the same masks in order to fit in. Not everyone will like you when you are yourself, but those that do will genuinely like you.
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Embracing Change In Your Life
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of 365q September 4, 2011
Motivational, Change, Self-Growth, Inspirational Quotes
There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.
Sometimes there are instances in our lives where it is best to just move out of our comfort zones, those being relationships we may be in, jobs that we may see as stable, and other similar circumstances in order to move closer to where we want to be in life. Departure from what we are immersed in is a difficult but necessary part of our lives. In order to grow stronger we must not only accept change, but we must embrace it as well.
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You Are More Important Than You Realize
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of apieceofthesky September 2, 2011
Inspirational, Self-Growth, Encouragement Quotes
You are more important that you realize.
We have all been through situations and dealt with people we really care about who can sometimes make us feel that we aren't as important as we know we really are. Don't fall in the trap and let yourself think that you aren't important. Doing so will only discourage you from doing what you know that you are truly capable of. Instead walk daily with your head held high and a humble strong confidence that let's everyone know that you are somebody.
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Be Better Than You Were Yesterday
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of Unknown August 31, 2011
Inspirational, Self-Growth Quotes
Be better than you were yesterday.
Being a better person than you were the day before is a feat that all of us can accomplish if we choose to examine our lives a day at a time. There are many things that you can do to make yourself a better person by tomorrow. Becoming a better person everyday requires one to focus on themselves and to love themselves intently. So if this is something you know you could work on, work on it daily, and everyday you will notice that you were better than you were the day before.
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