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10 Amazing Quotes To Remind You To Count Your Blessings
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes February 28, 2015
inspirational, personal growth, positive thinking, uplifting, encouragement  Quotes
Here's a collection of our favorite quotes to remind you of how blessed you are.
Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you.
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There's Still Good People In The People
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes February 20, 2015
life lesson, uplifting, positive thinking, personal growth, inspirational, encouragement Quotes
The world seems dark and ugly sometimes. But there are still good things in it, and good people.
Despite the fact that there is so much bad in this world, we have to realize that this world is a huge world, and for every bad force, there is a force of good that will outshine its dark counterpart. All that it takes is for a little amount of light, a small amount of energy in any given place that is completely dark to help light up the place. This is significant because it shows us that even though there are a lot of bad people in the world, there are those who live to do as much good to the world as possible.
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Make The Most Of Yourself
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes February 16, 2015
self empowerment, belief, encouragement, inspirational, motivational, positive thinking, personal growth, uplifting Quotes
Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.
One great quality that we all have as human beings is being able to feel what is right by examining the way that we feel at our heart's level. Not only do we have the ability to think about life, but we have the ability to navigate life by using our heart and soul to guide us.
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You're Not Good Enough, You're Better
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes December 30, 2014
uplifting, positive thinking, self empowerment, encouragement, personal growth, motivational Quotes
You're not good enough, you're better.
You are good enough. There are many times, and many situations where we will hear a small voice inside of ourselves doubt our abilities, or tell us despite all that we have accomplished that we will never be good enough to continue on in this way. But, you are good enough. The funny thing about life is that when we continue to try to live on our own, and try to live off of our own strength, though we will see various amounts of success, the more that we try to do things through ourselves, the longer we will feel unfulfilled, and the longer we will feel as though we aren't good enough.
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Nobody Really Cares If You're Miserable, So You Might As Well Be Happy
By J. Johnson, picture courtesy of SearchQuotes December 26, 2014
happiness, inspirational, uplifting, positive thinking, motivational Quotes
Nobody really cares if youre miserable. So you might as well be happy.
Unless we are some type of huge celeb, usually us being miserable over circumstances in our lives will only affect ourselves, and the closest circle of people that we may have around us, but other than that, truly, nobody cares. Why should they? I know that when I am walking down the street and someone looks at you as if they are in the worst mood, my natural inclination is to avoid this person, and I know that it is not just me.
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