Are we really free?
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Are we truly Free? or have we lost our worthiness to hold it?
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sunainaaa sunaina mahajan

We are, if we think so It's really all in the head

Patriciawellingt Patriciawellington

Yes, we are free. We are all held to high standards. Which is something that no one can take away from you. We all slip and fall, but we get back up.

Honest_criminal Briana elizondo


p>We are in control of our own freedom. Freedom of mind and spirit. The reason"freedom"is taken is as a method of controlling the masses and breaking one down making them easier to control. we can form our own mental prisons limiting ourselves fear,insecurity,society,childhood damage, addiction. We control our own perceptions and minds, therefore we control our perception of freedom and whether or not we allow someone else to control that. U can be stripped of everything except for your mind.

Woah_Bxxxh;) Marisa

Stupid ass question

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