What is most meaningful in your life?
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One of the things I enjoy most is talking with people about their life experience. People are amazing! Each has experienced many ups and downs. It is interesting to me to see what people consider most significant. So, what is most meaningful to you?
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To see people love, care and help each other no matter what their race, maybe.

its_christhoper christopher Leitch

at first it used to be friends but recently family is so meaningful cause without them you wont have the motivation you need to go through life


The Sunlight breeze hitting her fingers with eaze, as i drive onward- guidance prevails a fragile and superbly strong mama & cub, love, passed pasts some point in time. home.

Patriciawellingt Patriciawellington



p>p>The most meaningful thing in my life is maintaining a true relationship with Christ, and staying true to my Faith in Christ. It is my desire to grow stronger in Christ, as this year 2017 draws to a close. But, as I embark upon a New Year, I am trusting God to guide me in the direction that he sees that is best for me. It is equally important for me, to stay true to all mankind, to love, give and most importantly to forgive. I feel that it is important that I keep my focus on Chri

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