How can you cope when your best freind go behind your back and goes and do her thing with your big bro ?
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my bestfreind decided to do her love games with my big bro what should i do a) tell her the 11years freindship is over b) OR tell of my brother c) let them do what they want
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myblackpower mike

C. let them do what they want. he is your big brother he should know what he wants.

mz._Un!Qu3 Reyna

tell the both of them that you dont like the idea because shes you rbest friend and hes your brother and you dont want there problems to be inthe middle of the middle ofboth of your relationships, a) her and youirs friend ship and b) your and your brothers friendship :) hope i could have helped :/ hope every thing ends up well

thinkpinkbarbii j'alya

thank you so much

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