Am I the problem?
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I been hurt and betrayed many times before, to the point where every girl I came a crossed I find it more hard to believe in things they express to me, Like "I have a crush on you" or "I really like you" I been single for about a little over a year now, and i think to myself am I the problem? Should I Just let my guard down? And allow myself to believe every word that flows in my ears? GIRLS!! how can I know when a girl is truely into me??
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homie you need to wory abt these lil things.Enjoy the Life as it comes.

ucsimplyd Denise

Sometimes when your ready it's not time. Everything we want we can't always have this just might be a time for you to get with you. Women aren't going anywhere ... there are other things going on in life.

lalehpop1 Laleh

You need to GIVE IT TIME. It takes time to get to know someone. Your not the problem. When you do meet someone you need to just take it easy..dont give in to everything someone says...just take your time, go out, talk to each other and after a couple months you start seeing what type of girl they are and if YOU even like them.

shubhie267 shubhi

there are many type of girls ummm well you come to know when she'll understand you and your feelings respect you and accept you as yu are :D never ever leave you and fight for you just love you you and you :D :P

MickeyAnderson._ Mickey Anderson.

You will see it in her eyes. & imean it. My ex used to stare into my eyes and say 'you love me, i can see it in your eyes'. But its better to be single and find someone when your ready. Your probably only asking yourself if your the problem because you've been single for so long that when you see other love birds you feel as if your the problem. But as i see it , your a good looking guy and why would girls ignore that , and if you have a good personality , i wouldnt say there is a problem. In the mean time , go with the flow & eventually you'll find her :)


stay single untill you have figured out why you are down right panicin and so distrustfull of a girls words..if your not ready to take a chance then it wouldnt be fair for any girl to have to deal with the hangups you need to fix first.or just being more open to trying.without failure there would be no sucess buddy

blanko215 Sandro Luna

I mean Like the last girl i was talking to she was the main one calling me looking to see if i was available so we can go out and chat, but at that time i had basicly just seperated from my ex...and i felt like i wasnt ready to just jump into another relationship thats why i choose to be single, but now i feel like im ready and looking back i kind've regret not taking her serious

Alexa alexa

You're not going for the right girls. go for girls that like you for you. not girls that just say they "like" you just because they wanna hurt your feelings and betray you. keep looking though , you'll find her .

evil_lil_luv nikki

you'd be a dummy if you let your guard down completely but when your ready i think you will know just how much to open up with someone new. I don't know bout other females but when im really feeling someone i pay more attention to their txts and respond quicker or when you call and i answer my fone with a smile...its pretty evident. Basically if i start giving a guy im interested in more time esp. knowing i rarely have time to spare aside from my priorities that means a lot.

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