Anyone have advice to get a girlfriend in real life?
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I am never noticed by girls, unless I talk to them, and I never had a girlfriend in real life, so I want advice
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This question is 100% for gays.

ShadowArcher98 Anthony J.Wright

you all are a great help,

nikki15melendez Fuck____Off

You could start by being friends till the girl basically trusts you. Then and only if youre friends you might throw in some signals telling her how you feel if she picks up the signals she MIGHT send some back. But if she does then the restcomes naturally. But otherwise good luck getting a girl. But one thing DO NOT BE PICKY OF WHO YOU WANT!!! Sometimes the girl you want isnt the one youre gonna get maybe the girl youre looking for is right in front of you yet you dont realize it.good luck;)

Oswald Alvin

Befriend with them. Because the more you have friends the more you have candidates for you girlfriend, you can also ask your friend to hook you up with a girl. Don't be a picky person. And the most effective ways to get a girlfriend is lowering your expectations or requirements. Most of people finding hard to get a girlfriend because they have really high expectations. Here is the law " Higher standards mean harder to get ". I will say, after a nerdy girl will make everything easier.

Oswald Alvin

But if you have a lot of money, just forget what i said above. Because money is chicks magnet, vice versa.

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

So what it doesn't matter that much just be yourself have patience someday you'll meet the right girl. Don't think about this much

Easytee Terry

If you want a real girlfriend, don't be afraid to wait. A real girlfriend is someone that makes you feel at home when they're around and also feels at home when around you. You love her deep and she also loves you much and your happiness matters much to each other.

I don't know your age, but if you can wait, both of you will find yourself in a way you never plan a kind of a beautiful accident. If you can't wait, then maybe you should try out with other girls. It may work for you but just take care because you can easily get your heart broken, there are only few ladies and guys with conscience these days...very very few. Some People hurt without caring or giving a damn...they just want to get what they want from you and dump you for another so easily like it's a catch and throw game.

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