Can anyone be so poor that he cannot give, nor so rich that he cannot receive?
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This question was asked by Onuh Justus Izuchukwu (Izunwaonu)on the day he delivered a lecture on "you and your neighbor" at Holy Trinity Hill Top University of Nigeria Nsukka. He cited Francis of Assisi but till now, I have not gotten a satisfactory answer.
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wise_man ghani

well it depends on what kind of poor u mean, if u mean by poor the ones who has no money then No they can give a lot of moral things, but if poor refers to the soul then Yes they can be so poor and they wont give,be well~~


smile will be the only thing a poor can give and a rich can receive.

Somalia Somalia Lewis C

God is a perfect and a necessary being, hence He is the only being that has actualized his potentialities. This Quote by Francis of Assisi that was quoted by Onuh Justus Izuchukwu as you have said is a true proposition. We all are contingent beings, so we must be in need.

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