Can me and my ex boyfriend be friends?
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he says that he loves me and i dont know what to do any more i love him but i cant let go of him he seems everything to me and im so scared
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cynthia kones

[email protected]

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kajal456 kajal yadav

be frnds tht will will b safe and happy too

leila Leila

yes if you two never were really in love, otherwise no

SunShine Anna

It would be awkward because you still love him and would get hurt if he loved someone else in your presence, so just try to move on


Yes you can be friends with your ex that mean your MATURE


Yes. yes you can, just be matture about it.

Lighhtt_Briight Hazel Hasan

Well yes but you guys should keep a certain distance , but take procautions , if you guys do get back together make sure the reason why you broke up isnt there anymre

Stay_strong; Miranda Cruz

my ex boyfriend and I dated for about a year. We split's been about 6 months..i love him with everything in me..he was my first love. he won't even talk to me anymore, i'll text him and say how much i miss him, but i just get ignored. he said i was always up his a**. idunno..i just really miss him. he's the only one i've actually had feeling for. i see him once awhile and he doesnt even say hi. how do i get over him? i've tried everything..and i still love him when i shouldn't.. :/

d.crump Destinee

well if he loves you and you love him than just be toegther. dont sit there tryna figure out how to make things complicated.


_ yes you && you ex can be friendss its good to still have a good relationship with your ex's .


Well he is an ex for a reason but anything is possible. Maybe all you two where meant to be is just friends and nothing more.

SuperRakii Rakii Retondo

No. You can't be friends with that person. Much better if you'll try to fix that relationship. But You can just be friends when you can only offer friendship to him and vice versa. Nothing else.


try. there's nothing wrong with trying.


Take it a day at a time baby.flow with the flow.situations like this tend to pan out in unexpected rather dull ways


Tell him goodbye, if he doesn't fight to keep you, then it's not worth it in the first place.


you both can become friends yes but then you both will be lovers..


If he wants to be with you, he would of never become an ex of yours. If he starts loving you right after somebody else, that means he's just toying around with you and has nobody else. You gotta be much better with that and move on. As much as it hurts for you to hear it, sometimes it's just for the better.

ashuhleecakess Ashley Marie

Remember, you can't have a relationship without a friendship. If you both love each other and things aren't working out, being friends would be your best bet. Sometimes you have to let things go even if you don't want too. It's hard, but if he really loves you, he will understand and so will you.


What made him leave you before? that's what you should ask yourself and then know if that is still there

dyewilliams11 diaja

just be real & tell him how you feel If you really love him as nuch as you say you do you won't give up on you guys relatiopnship & he won't either

immabeme Ana

Yes you can although it'd be wierd

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