Do friends care??
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They say best friends are your best enemies.. And it is true after all.. I tried it, not once not twice but infinity... Until now I still feel the hurt because they kept on stomping me down..I want to shout and tell them to stop.. I want to slap their faces but I just can't..I want to avoid them but I cant because they are my classmates..x..x HOW CAN I TEAR THEM OUT OF MY LIFE??
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mistsofjade00 terri

Honestly if they are a FRIEND then they wont make you feel like they don't care! Find a new Best Friend.


They aren't true friends. You should just ignore them. Instead of worrying about them take the time to find a friend that will be there for you when you need them. Just as long as you have one true friend thats all you actually need.

SuperRakii Rakii Retondo

They are not a TRUE FRIEND if they are not helping you raise up. Fake friends they are but the sad thing is you can't just make them disappear. That's life... YOU CANT PLEASE EVERYONE. So just cheer up! Smile! That's the best revenge :) Somehow.. I know you have real friends.. If you don't.. I'm here to be a friend :)

donduvie Eduvie Donald

No, you cant't cut them off because real friends care for their friends, as a matter of fact - I define C+A+R+E as Christ Approved Responsibility (for) Everyone. If it's not working with you, don't stop now -show more love. My mother used to tell us that one reason we care for others is not because we want to be treated the same way but because not everyone who knows about really cares. Don't quit on them, you have what will make them realize what it means to care as friends.



bthedancer Beatriz Soto

These people are being just awful to you. What you should do is this:Don't Make them feel important by acknowleging them. Ignore them. Maybe that will make them stop. If not, talk to someone you trust. That problem will stop soon.

Judy_c: Judith Valadez

dont look or talk or dont do shit to them cuz then it gives them a chance to hurt you even more. and if they start telling you shit just say ok after everything, it annoys the hell out of them and theyll say ur a retard cuz u cant stand up for ur self but really your being the bigger person and dont fight them ....

The-Editor Jameel Petllo

Depends on the type you have!

Nishantgrover Nishant grover

frst of all try to avoid thm let thm do what they want to and what so ever they say to you just give them a smile but dont say nethng bcoz da more u argue the more they wll tease or torture u...

Stargirl1250 madison holman

Don't fight with violence that will only make it worse. Talk to them say what have I done to deserve this ?!? I know what your going through I have been in your shoes and it sicks but talk to a trusted friend ofr family member .


nice talking =,=''

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