Do you feel lonely? I'm always here for you guys.
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I dont really have a question , I just want to say that if anyone here feel lonely in his/her life , then Ill be always ready to be your nice friend :) just message me , and if u have a big problem and u need an advice u can message me and Ill help u , if no1 understand u and u feel hurt by someone , I wont hurt u and Ill help you , and if u feel like no1 want u in their life , I always welcome people to my life :) Im just trying to help
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W3ndz17 Wendy

I think that is so nice of you, lana_f98. To take time out of your day to help other people. You sound like a very sweet person and i will definitely message you with any problems i may have :)


I am called michael lancelot dulittle. i feel alone cuz i am alone now in this world. no parents, less friends who cares. drop out of school due to lack of financial support. have been helping myself lately with no family to back me up. sometimes i feel like i am in this world with no purpose why shouldn't i take my life when i have the chance to? my story is a very sad on e that when ever i talk about it i feel hurt the more. My dream was to become the best surgeon in this life i live but unfortunate there is no family to back me up. I do need someone who can help me live my dreams; by means of advice or help me to go back to school. i will be grateful to God for assigning such a person in my life. i know God will help me be what i am destined to be. All what i look forward to is God cus none of my friends want to be with me anymore b'cus they feel high to be with me the "commoner" the "orphan"as they always say to me. God is my redeemer and my strengh He will never forsake me and i know God will assign someone to help pretty soon.

Yours faithfully, Lancelot

SylindaBenson Sylinda Benson

I lost my parents too Michael. About 6 months ago in an accident. I was in the accident and we were on our way for a camping trip. My Dad was a pilot and wasnt around much, and we saw this day as a catch up. I was looking forward to it , but it ended my parents lives that day. I still cry now and then, but now that i have no one, i HAVE to stay strong, and thats what we can do together. I've got friends, well 1 friend and shes my everything. I live with them, i moved out of my family home 1 week ago. I believe you can still become the best of your ability and in your case, a surgeon. Please dont give up on your dream. Going to school can help you achieve so much Michael, and im here for you. God is always here, and he will find away for you. And so will the people that wanna help you. Like me. Stick to what you think is right. And maybe, we can talk.

lana_f98 Lana

ohhh dear I feel bad for u , but u are a good person cuz u trust God . Dear I know its hard but u should accept it cuz its ur destiny and remember after bad things always good things come , so try to smile and listen to ur fav music , watch ur fav movie , try to find funny jokes from the internet . My reason is try to find something that make you feel happy , and don`t say : I want to die . Cuz one day something cool will happen for u and u will say : ohhhhh !! thnxx god that I still alive :)

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