Does evil exist, if it exists, who created it?
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Some times we say that God is Good, infinite and perfect. If he is so, why did God who is good create evil?
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wise_man ghani

to test us, and the root of evil is the devil and some of our desires

weekndawesome17 theWeeknd

The answer varies on your of God and relation to the world.In a pantheistic worldview where the world is seen as divine,evil is an illusion.According to the biblical religion,evil is a corruption of the good. God created good, and gave man free will,but man envied God's power and wanted to be gods themselves,so they rebelled.Ever since this rebellion,the world has been a place where God's good gifts are turned into weapons against him and each other.


There are only two powers acting daily in this world. That's God's power and satan's power. Satan's power being: God's power perverted. For instance, what is a lie? It's the perverted truth. Darkness is the absence of light.

You see, satan was once an angel. He wanted to be above God, to be worshipped also. So he was cast out of heaven and some of the angels that stood with him. Of which them we demons now.

That battle that started there in heaven is happening on earth. God is a spirit and likewise satan. So in short, a spirit needs a body in which to operate in. That's you and me and everyone else. So it's up to a person as to which spirit he allows to operate in him.

It is true that you say man rebelled against God. They rebelled to follow their own hearts, to do things that God didn't delight in.

Woah_Bxxxh;) Marisa

He didn’t create evil idiot , the devil is evil and he wants people to go with him. You’re question is fucking stupid

mario92119 Mario

But I think God created everything that exists. If God did not create evil who then created the evil or if devil is evil, who then created the devil? WHO?


If God didn't create evil, who created the devil?


So that He can demonstrate His power. If you look also at the book of Exodus were the Israelites' were in bondage in Egypt. God tells Moses that He has hardened the heart of Pharaoh. Why? Because God wanted to show His power.

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