Does this sound good?
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I'm truly sorry for doubting you, I promise to you it will not happen again, I don't think you're liar not one bit, I do believe in you with every bit of my heart, I hope you find away in your heart to forgive me and give us a second chance. The day you walked into my life is the day you gave me purpose.
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am2pm AnuPam

You want to be the best version of yourself you can be. This will make you more attractive to your love when you contact her again.

chloe123williams chloe williams

this sounds amazing im nearly crying please put more on to make others realize how it feels to be begging for forgivness


There is no forgiveness between true love,it's a time given by the god to understand themselves more;

lufavijipo lufavi jipo

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rosiejenquilaton Rosiejen Quilaton

forgiveness is for those who deserve it.

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