Does true love really exist? Why yes and why no?
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Honest_criminal Briana elizondo

I believe in true tolerance. After the infatuation high if two people are similarly fucked up or ones issues compliment the others then yeah. Of course I'd love to believe u could be so strongly in love that your energies find each other in another life. But it took me a long time to get past that self sacrificial romeo and Juliet shit. Shakespeare really fucked me up lol

Bronsonbuilderbo American Patriot 1 B.I.S

Love, the way it exists is through our will to let our true humanity occur. When we unlock our inner self and allow our emotions to be seen, can love truly exist

lovequote Sweetnose

Yes it does we need only patience and it come in the right time.

morrishae09 Brieanna

u will know in ur heart

~LostInDarkness~ alyssa herring

I dont know anymore because nobody understands the meaning of the word LOYALTY.... so to be completely honest with you im not exactly sure anymore.

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