Falling for 2 guys..don't kno wht to do?
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wht do you do when your falling for 2 guys at the same time . you hung out with one & you really like him & then other you tlk to all the time & you really like him . you like them both EQUALLY & you dn't wana drop either one . you dn't wana hurt them either & your not leading them on you jus dn't kno wht to do . HELP .
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haha thats complicated.


If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second......good luck :-)

Mariah_Loves_You Mariah

Gotta Pick Between The Two

quariboo tiquari

i been there before sometimes u just have to figure out like which one u think u will enjoy yoself wit..

Ana15 Ana15

Go with who suits you best, in the end after spending an equal time with both of them you will realize which one deserves you. You should try testing them to see who cares more and would spend the time listening to you and how you feel. Make up something that's bothering you and act like you're telling them about it. See which one cares and listens to you the most and how they react, whether they care and give advice or if they turn their back on you and not really care.

Babydoll_ated_u Lauren

You need to choose whose more important to you, I know that sounds harsh, but the other will move on.

reianspeaks reian jain

Your feelings are honest for both of them so just tell honestly everything to both of them & let them suggest you a way..

yamivega96 yamilett vega

Get a pen and paper and make a T-chart, write one of the boys name on one side of T-chart and the other boys name on the other side of the T-chart. Now, ask yourself these questions... If one or both is a yes put a star, line (tally) or heart in either one or both of the sides... 1) which one I knew the longest? 2) which one I talk to/ see the most? 3) which one has met most of my family? 4) which one have I had the least amount of arguements with? 5) which one talks to/ FLIRTS with the least amount of girls? 6) which ones favorite sport/ hobby is my favorite sport/ hobby? 7) which one is more good looking? 8) which one makes me laugh the most? 9) which one do I have the most friends in common with? 10) which knows my birthday by hard and not with fb's help 11) which one has the better/ higher school grades? And 12) which one has their future set (college and career)? next, count up the stars, lines (tallies), or hearts on both sides and whoever has the most stars, lines (tallies), or hearts is THE one


I think you should explain to both of them how you feel and why you like them. Also figure out why they like you. Then you should make a pros and cons list about both of the guys. Does one guy feel more like a buddy than boyfriend material? Your feelings can change once you sort them out.

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