Why do people hate me?
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All the people in my class hate me but like 5 of them I hate my life I cant make it better it just dont help that everyone is so mean to me
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eSa-ShAwTy jenifer

have u done anythin to them...? well thats how pple are thats why they say never depend on someone else... pple are this way. or i gues they just jelous

irene98ferreira Irene

Hate=jealousy, sometimes the want something you have but they can´t have it. but ignore what they say or do and do you own thing xx

Abstracminded Ayjee G

Just say positive and focus and just remember this is just a temporary promblem to a perminent solution. When you graduate you'll be free of ridicule and just know that GOD loves you and that life is all about love and hate but you have to be strong enough to accept that and continue living life to it's fullest..O and don't thing about suicide...you'll go str8 to hell with a gasoline jumpsuit.

Reny Maria Reny Seja

The most important thing you can do is prove to your haters that you dont care at all at what they are saying. God will judge them and always protect you, sweetie. I dont hate you, I really appreciate your honesty, girl :)

Shag-fu MMFW

people tend to project, so most of the time, they are projecting how they feel about themselves towards you bc u r seen as an easy target. it is easy for me to say ignore them but only u can b strong 4 u.

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