What would be your reactions if it happened to you?
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Wtf....! Have you been into a relationship with a stupid girl? We were together for 9yrs. One day she told me that she already love this guy she met 3days ago. I laugh and told her your stupid. What would be your reactions if its happen to you?
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ucsimplyd Denise

I'd say I didn't loose shit then.

deny_sober_pain shiv

get out would be mine...

vishal.ohri90 vishu

That Has Happened To mE RecEnTly' . . I wAs In A Relation For 10 months' . . But HSe Got Attracted tO a Guy SHe MEt Days Back!! Wow! i Called Up thAt Guy And Slapped My Girl In Front Of hIm' ... i Was Like A vOlcano' . .

Becca21 Becca

Let her go, she obviosuly feels differently towards this new guy than the way she does you. Or because you have been together for so long it could be the new romance stage and thinks she loves him, its up to you if you fight to keep her or let her go.

Micheal_IsHere Michael Oyeah

i will ask WHY? n then ask wat abt me


if it was me then she will be a 9 months pregnant bitch

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