He calls me a bitch & whore but wants to marry me, whats that make him?
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A man who wants to marry me has anger problems, hes very loving, attentive, and loyal. But when hes angry he call me terrible names.
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MickeyAnderson._ Mickey Anderson.

Thats like my Dad . He was an amazing Dad , he loved my Mum for the best reasons . But at times when he got angry he would call us terrible names , but she stuck with him through it all . I wouldnt ask for you to stick around and get hurt because a dick head who cant control his anger wants to marry a beautiful girl . My opinion is to tell him that you hate what hes doing , and if he cant change , leave. Its best. x


may be hez hot headed.Say yes


Thank you all for the advice. I decided I deserved way better and left him. I know Iam a strong woman, just got to pick up the pieces and find myself again. Was starting to be angry all the time and my self esteem was going downhill and thats not who I am. Men are like the stars, there are plenty, when Im ready he will fall down to me, my falling star. ;)

MickeyAnderson._ Mickey Anderson.

Im happy to hear it :) ; their are plenty of fish in the sea. Just gotta catch the right one.

Desirae_Lynn Desirae Douglas

let it go give him chances i had that same problem girl it was terrible but i just ignored it

glamorous_girl_ Denise Williams

i dont think thats good because he might get so mad one day and hit you just be careful dont put up with to much of his crap if it get out of hand leave him your better off

jack Jack

You guys need to seek counselling if you think this has a future.

mortoncori10 Cori

i would tell him to see someone for his anger before you two go any further in your relationship. that is a very unhealthy relationship. if he refuses to get help, then that just says he's not worth your time...

Babykoala68 BabyKoala

What's that make him? You dont really want me to answer that, you already know...My advice to you is dont marry this guy because it is only gonna get worse after you guys are married...You deserve better than that~

pwummikt Mimi

It probably will get worse once you're married.So I would keep it moving to someone who treats you the way you should be treated whether happy or angry.

Pacifiersucker Justice Cabral

The best way to deal with it to bring them back to earth with a mirror image of Himself, say the things He would say to you without arguing with Him and staying true to my system, He will soon findout that you got His worked out and therefore will do everything to stop having you copying His lame style. But remember make sure he doesn't findout straightaway what your doing, Just think what will peeve Him off is a mirror image of what you have to deal with.

jenna.marie187 Jenna

Hunny thats abuse, and it seems like he is very abusive.. VErbal abuse is abuse too. I know how you feel I went through the same thing.

jack Jack

If he won't go to counselling, then you have to let him go - he is not serious about changing.


How did you deal with it? I could just leave him but its hard. I know this is wrong and I know I am a strong independent woman but then I love him, I even suggested counseling but he says if our love is strong we can get thru it together. But seems like Im the strong one in this relationship.

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