How can i find a loving and caring gf ?
asked 1572d ago
Sm budy plz telll me how can i find a perfc girl two girls already deceived me :(
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abbymarie Abby Marie

wait for her to come to you, you may think that will never happen but there is always a person to fit you. live your life how you want, you never know you may run into her when your least expecting it. dont waste your life looking for her.

ZincAmide Zinc Amide

Become a caring and loving person and you might be able to complete someone who's searching you!


You don't find her,she doesn't find you. Your souls already set up the meeting,when you look at her eyes you'll know she's the one.

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

Have patience don't be in a hurry to be in relationship wait for the right time you'll find the person you are looking for

Oswald Alvin

Keep doing until she remain in your life.


u dnt hav 2 w0rry..true love wl c0me in your life at the riqht patient G0d prepared 4 u.


Meet a girl... Become very good friends then ask her out.

~LostInDarkness~ alyssa herring

well you just got to find someone who knows how you feel and wont hurt you kinda like me for instance

Ed_HunTer Shashvut

get out of this mentality, live for yourself and the humanity. you got a long life to get into these things...

Easytee Terry

By waiting. And not expecting a perfect woman, but someone who truly loves you for who you are even when you flaw. And that you can see her beauty even when she's angry and mad at you.

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