How can you tell if a guy likes you?
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I don't know if this guy likes me... but i don't know how to ask...
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If he is calling you, texting you, wanting to hang out and if he flirts then those are usually a sign he likes you. If you want to ask, just ask. Just say "Hey, I know we been talking for awhile and I want you to know that I have an interest in you and have feelings for you, I wanted to know if you feel the same" Thank should work.

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giftthabest Gift Adugbo

If a Guy likes you these are some tip (1) whenever he sees you, his face is bath with smiles (2) he keeps staring at you. But the only problem is who of you have the courage to approach each other. Well i would advice you to try and ask him ™

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jus ask da dude if he lykz u and stop bein scard


just stop being shy that's all


If you want to get to know him, don't be afraid. Fear will ruin your chance to make friends. If he smiles, smile back. If he says hi, smile and say hi back. If he makes eye contact, don't look away, he will think you are not interested, smile calmly and focus on his eyes. Whats wrong with the girl making the first move? He may think you're desperate. It'll remind him too much of "Mom". Let nature take its course. Boys have "Testosterone" & need to feel they're the man & in control. I know this!

MIkkyMArie Makayla Marie

just talk to him and give it some time and if it is ment to be then it will happen

MTDonnell Matthew Donnell

Just be straight up with him and ask him. Tell him to be completely honest, because someone leading you on will only hurt you in the long run.

Callmeashley19 Miranda Hodge

Yeah i Agree with Matt.Donnell

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