How do I get over my ex?
asked 31d ago by
I still think about him like it was yesterday
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deriisaac Deri

Realise it was apart of your journey to learn. Accept it is over. Understand there is someone else out there you are better suited to, and that will help you learn more. Take time out to heal. Attract what you need next to become even better again, and watch as the universe unlocks to you what you are worthy of. Good luck.

Simple Arun

Just talk to multiple people and make friends. try to do the new thinks. Shall be friends ?

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Terry350 Terry hood kingsley

If something is yours it will find it's way to you but if not then there's is someone special coming your way I know you have memories with him during the time you were in a relationship but that has changed because he has someone else

TamerlanAKuzgov Tamerlan A Kuzgov

Find him a girlfriend and see how they love each other...)..or just wait to see him with another half. It is a joke but it has the truth. But to say seriously, there is no medicine for true love or death. Time is the best doctor..

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