How do i show that i care?
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I have a boyfriend but i have this guy friend who i truly love but he thinks i dont care how do i show him i do?
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nishah1917 Nishah


d.crump Destinee

do more than SHOW him. TELL him.

honestlyIdgaf honestly Idgaf

Just be open and honest and be true to what you feel. Say what you feel. Keep it real.


First thing, this is a problem. You have a boyfriend but have a guy friend that you truly love? So this means you do not love your boyfriend. You should focus on ending the relationship with your boyfriend first, he does not deserve to be toyed with. Then you deal with the guy friend, spent more time with him or something. But it is wrong in general to have 2 guys that care for you and you are playing with them both.

shizzle_monkey mandi

well seen as you have a boyfriend i would break up with him because

Blockquote if your with one guy and you fall for another guy, you love lies witch the secound guy because if you really loved the first one you wouldnt have fallen for the secound one Blockquote

so break up with him and then explain to this new guy how being with your ex meant nothing and how you really love him and your heart is on your sleave with him

optimism is key!

Momiji_Hayabusa Shaquille Solomon

you should ask yourself are you a pretender ~

jaimeles Jaime

so you're basically trying to cheat on your boyfriend by showing another guy who you really love that you truly care? well you could start by breaking up with your boyfriend, then spend more time with the guy friend.

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