How do you get bullies to leave you alone?
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These girls wont leave me alone and im scared to leave my house and i didnt do anything this boy lied and made my life hell and now im to scared to go to school what do i do....
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Ignore them, they(what's the easiest way to put this) they feast off of your attention. They will keep acting the way they act because they know it bothers you, but if you show them you don't mind, they will find it less fun to pick on you.

Desmond_Abey Jegede Abiodun

In dat case,silent is the best answer for a fool but if it getting more unbearable make them realise their errors>i suggest you watch a film 'mara and clara' related to the headline.

[email protected][email protected]_21 Savannah j.

Well have you talked to anyone about it?? And if they mess with you agian you what you do, is you i am sorry inbox me and i will tell you what you need to do luv

Angel_eye_;) pooja chauhan

If u r true den no need to b scared... Inform ur parnt abt dis... Dey r ur bst frns... Dun hesitate... Ignore wat othrs sys... Dey ll split it up for a day o two... Den evrythn ll b normal... Dun wrry.. B brave..

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