How do you overcome a situation that you can't control?
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duveshpunjabi02 Duvesh

we should try it again and again till the situation come in control. and never lose ur hope and never give up.....

serenitylies Ash

You just have to try...some situations aren't meant to overcome. I mean I still haven't overcome the fact that Donald Trump is president, but if its something like a relationship you gotta understand that if it ended, it wasn't supposed to work out.

SIX jessey

just keep it moving take it day by day one step at at time like i said before you will never no the path to succeed if you do not have the footprints of pain and struggle

micorance-286379 Michael

Unexpected situations arise every seconds of our life, so I let it happen naturally and let the things gone by. Circumstances happen for some reasons for us to learn what do we need to learn.

ritakane kane

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lipe felipe

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Opalutebabs Tunde

I will keep quite for while and think of the next step take

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Georgigleman Georgigleman

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kajokall5 kajo kall

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mollxiki moll xiki

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cvbeyvbaeg ghumank merseen

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I should get sleep

sessyplutonic Olusesan

Sometimes we are face with uncontrollable difficult situation and the best we can do is to learn from it and let it go. And perhaps if you are a godly person, just give to God and go to sleep because it beyond your capacity.


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