How Do You Tell Someone You Dont Love Then Without Hurting Them ?
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& Without Braking Friendship
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explain to him or her, maybe he or she could understand if he or she knows already the situations about being friends that you have, do some deal to that person that you could only on that level of friendship nor more than in a relationship

Johnnykeshejkomm Prince black emotive

It is not that i'm taking advantage of your feelings but( )but i do hope we can still be a good friends...

Juan913 Juan

Being honest. An example of how to say would be “Listen, I don't want tyou to take this the wrong way, but I don't have the same feelings for you as you do for me. There are other people that might be better for you.” something like that. Just be honest and hopefully he can accept that.


It's important to treat your friend's hurt and heart like a precious baby....when you are about to lose someone who is the centre of your Universe every kind word can hurt .So you née to be doubly careful.Make it it's not about him or another man...just that you are not going to be ready for quite some time..He may find an iota of consolation knowing there is no competition.Continue being kind,expect some awkwardness,give him plenty of space and time to get used to the pain...God bless

PrettyGurlSwag:D Tay

I honestly would tell you if i knew.... i need the answer really bad!

R's_Juliet clarissa

damn idk i need help with that one to

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