How should I go about unfriending a friend?
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So, I have a "friend" that says she is going to kill herself but with her being one of my friends, I can tell when she is lying and she isn't actually going to kill herself. She just wants attention. But in my mind I'm a little bit different in the fact that if I am near someone who says they want to kill themselves, I begin to think that it is actually a good idea and go back to self harming and possibly attempting suicide. So, I need to stop being friends with this person because I have finally gotten to a place where I don't feel the need to self harm. I just don't want to make a fake threat reality, but I defiantly can't stay in this toxic relationship. How would I go about unfriending this person?
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Julandie_Scholtz Julandie Scholtz

You have come along way to finally be at a place where you are at peace with yourself. This is not your journey you've walked yours already. She can take you back to that dark place. You must put yourself first.

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