How to cope with an envious sister in law?
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I hate her because of her behavior of being envy. Right now she is the one who took care of my son whose turning 3 yeras old this year. My worries is that with her behavior might be my son would inherit this. and apply it on his self. He might grown up to be like an envious person and i dont like it. please do advice me on what to do.
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Oswald Alvin

That why you must take care you own son, spend more of your time with him.

nej_akhira:)) jennifer lim

you are definitely worrying for your child's attitude . that's normal.., but dont be too paranoid that he will get that attitude of your sister in law..uhmm.. all you can do is you should spent some time with your son,. and preach him or talk to him .. about the good traits, right manners, and attitude .. so that he will apply it to himself.. GOOD BONDING OF MOTHER AND SIBLINGS can be the foundation of the siblings..

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