I just called it quits with someone i really care about, i am regreting it, what should i do?
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sexybabe shannize

face that consequence you have made!! move on, cheer up..and make yourself a busy one..!!

JessicaMcdoodle Jessica Mcdoodle

Umm i think it was for the best she wasnt much your type anyways from what i seen !

steve.khalif steven khalif

go back to him and beg realy beg if that doesnt work come to me

Pacifiersucker Justice Cabral

There's no mathematic equation that will let you know whether it's best to hang in there and work on your relationship or best to call it quits. "It's very individual. And it's important to be reflective, especially if the same issues keep coming up for you in relationship after relationship."

How can you tell whether the longing or restlessness you feel has more to do with your own psychological baggage than a bad romantic choice?

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