I just dont know what to do. Help!!?
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Hi. I have a really big problem. Kindly please give me some advice :( Here it is, im a college student, but unfortunately, for the third time in my school life, i stopped bcause of some financial issues. I got really sad and mad about my life everytime i read status updated by my cmates. They were so lucky to continue their studies but me? Not. Were 3 siblings and i am the youngest. I am 18years old now so i already have the choice wether i want to work or not. The bottomline is that, i dont want to work, i want to pursue my studies bcz i think it is the only way i will attain my goals :( yes, i want to work because i want to help financially in my family, but hw about my studies? here's another problem of mine. everytime i am applying for any jobs, and ive waited for very long time and they didnt text or call me, my frustration in myself arises. i feel i am so worthless :( its also because i am insecure abt other graduate students that they prioritize. and also, i dont know where i excel. where my strength is. actually, i dont have any talent also or even have skills. i dont know, my road is really blurred, i am so afraid and worried abt my future life, i dont knw how to discover my hidden talent. to all those who will have their opinions and advice, thank you in advance !
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Easytee Terry

Remember that there are great people out there who had made it in life without education... not because they didn't like education but because of situations similar to yours. They didn't give up just because they couldn't go to school anymore but they find a means of learning and discovering their real talents and some soon made it in sports, music and so on. Re-examine your potentials and focus on it instead of allowing the troubles of education draw you back. Pray and ask God for a focus to figure out and move you in the line of your destiny. Goodluck.

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

My friend be brave and don't feel frustrated. Everyone has problems in their life. We have to face all this n to continue in our life. Even i'm also suffering from same but I didnt give up as I know study is the only thing that can help me for solving my problems. So be strong don't give up. Keep fighting.


ALMIGHTY FAITH GOD/SPIRIT/BUDDHA/HUMANITY me myself I shall pray within holy bead and God will do what is right for your life all in his hands Your faith&beliefs,Thank you God for Everything.Today tomorrow yesterday Life.:)May God bless you allll

marrenja Maria Reny Seja

You definetely have so much talent. Think abt what you really love to do and what you ever dream about, then figuring out what you really passionate about. The point is pray to God and let Him guide you. I am sure you'll find out soon Kylie :)

Oswald Alvin

You can try to apply as part timer. Such as waiter/waitress in restaurant or cashier in mini mart. Especially when you are doing for your family and study, i think they will love to hire you. Here some advice, some people able to work and school at same time, take your part time in night and collage at day (if your wage able to pay your collage tuition), especially collage (the time is flexible). But family come first if you must choice between study or family.


Dear: Kylie

I'm sorry you been through so much trouble for school, I don't know you but i can see how much you care about your education, This is when you're entering your adult life everything will be complicated and getting tough there is nobody to hold your hands, You're free in the big world there is a lot of opportunity to keep pursuing your dream, The only person who can move you forward is YOU!!! You're so smart and i'm sure you will do fine, Don't give up.....

kyyyliiieeee kai

thank you anabella !

ashleynicolle ash

Im rly sorry all I can tell you is to stay strong

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