I miss her so much? Can y'all tell me what's going on?
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We split up about a week ago, I'm alittle confused about the situation I'm in with my fiance, or you can EX. she asked it's gonna take sometime to re-gain her trust. but just the other day we talked about getting a house running a business together like we planned in the past. Can y'all tell me what's going on?
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Kciengee_1zt TheLawOfAttraction

If you ain’t stupid she loses her trust on you, you probably did something stupid. Don’t ask me again.

aglasikristine Ririchiyo Akane

datu,I can also say the same,you might have done something or there must have been a misunderstandment


From what you wrote "...it's gonna take some time to regain her trust." You must have done something that broke the trust, or she thinks you did. It's up to her to forgive you and it's up to you to be trustworthy. What's going on is you love her but you broke the trust. I can't tell you what she will choose to do about it or what you should try to win her back. If you give her some space, if you are sincere and trustworthy moving forward, you might have a chance. Hope it works out for you !

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