If love isnât a game, then why are there so many players?
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nishah1917 Nishah

not players its called victam of love

thomastamika n/a

Some people are playes beccause they have seen that in their childhood. 2. reason could be their first love hurt them deeply and scattered their heart that their guard is up and no one can feel their love. 3. some people enjoy lend people on, use them for everything and have no remorse for it. you cant change a player they change if they feel bad about it or they find that true love that show them how too love and bright up their soul.

diannegonzales Dianne Gonzales

Because its fun and lovely to be in love..

d.crump Destinee

they probably think that its funny and cool. but honestly soon theyll learn that its not when they end up getting a dose of their own medicine.

SimplyyBliss Bliss

Maybe, because they're afraid to love and be loved, they might of been in love at one time the realtionship maybe didnt wirk out and they ened yp being hurt so decided to do so to everyine else they get with, just because one person changed their perspective towards love.

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