If you could ask one question about your future, what question would you ask?
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 Future questions 
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If I could, well. Why not, then. There are a lot of crazy things I've had to go through. Or rather, made myself go through. I'd definitely, surely, totally wish to know from my future self, if all that I had spent days and nights, dying to know about(people/situations/things, to make sense of; if all the time that I had spent questioning my worth due to the taking place of certain things, tearing apart over seeing people leave, hurting myself and doubting my very existence, really worth it?

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Will I have more fun than i have had in Earth Planet after the death? :D. Thats my question.

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I wouldn't care to ask anything. The part of life which is so exciting is the adventure of it. Knowing the future would remove a most enjoyable part of the journey.

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