If you love someone that doesnt love you, what do you do?
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i have this wonderful guy in mind and in site, he likes me, i like him but we both know it won't work. what should i do about this (only the lonely) =,(
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nishah1917 Nishah

sometimes you just have to let go.. if it doesn't work try to find a way for letting him fall for you

KrazyKrissy Krissy

take it slow. try it. you know if you think negitivly theres only a chance for a negitive outcome.be open, and optimistic. dont "go out" persay but do somthing that a couple would normally do. even if that thing is somthing as simple as taking a walk or going to a movie. take it slow.

mohamedail Hammody Ali

i liked your answer!!


If you know it won't work, don't go there.... Leave it a fantasy. You will only end up more hurt if you follow through

EwshyCrazyness Ewshy

How do you know that it wont work?Give it a try.Maybe talk to him about that if you have a closer relationship to him (friendship).Well really give it a try.Maybe it will work out just fine or maybe not.Well listen to your heart. :)

pfelchie Felchie

you should give it a try. what if it will work? but beware of the consequences. That's life, full of challenges more exciting.

lizthur Maame Egyimah-Arthur

just let it go and since both of you know it wnt work in this direction the best thing is to get involved in other direction as brother and sister may be he will love to love you as a sister

sally1996 Sally

sometimes you just have to let go.. if it doesn't work try to find a way for letting him fall for you .

faye_just4u6e Faye Yu

I will just love him in my own way and be happy wherever he is happy.


If you guys both like each other than you guys should go out. Maybe your wrong and it will work out.

khayekat katherine

hmmmm . MOVE ON :)


ask him out somewhere and you guys can talk. like get to know eachother i guess

JORdinary_[W.s.) S.Young

You guys may just be better off as best friends, or close friends at that.

marleykitts alice brooks

close friends would kill me coz i love him..but if i get to close i can leave..mmmanymore idears

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