I'm looking for support in where there is sadness, let me sow joy?
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Help me with sadness and joy
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helenduale wchrog

Hello dear,

My name is wchrog, your profile drawn my attention an i decided to drop

you a few lines can we be friends if yes email me direct to my email box ([email protected] ) so i can send my photos to you and tell

you in details about my self i await your responds god bless you. Yours new friend, wchrog.

Oswald Alvin

Back to your family or your friend that you can count on.

Cookie~ ♥crystal♥

Life is about both happiness n sadness but I can't have happiness alone with every sad moment there comes a happy moment to

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

You can't find joy outside joy is inside us we have to explore it by doing such things that we love

Varsha_Sharma Varsha Sharma

Joy is all around you just feel it.. if you will try to find joy what uh exactly expecting from you life, then you will never find it and so you will be sad..

hasin_ hasina jalili

If you are happy always you will never sad but life Is both of happiness and sadness

Kajori.p Kajori p

Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It's also a powerful motivator but I lost myself in the fear & I found myself in the grief.

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