Is facebook bad?
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i feel like im becoming addicted to facebook, at one point i really cared abotu my imagage and i only picked the very best angled photos to post.. i added lots of unknown people and i posted alot of 'like generating' statuses/videos. though not so worried about my image now, still i feel the need to be popular as it gives me this inner ahppiness i cant quite explain. me and a friend aer starting a 'public pranks' video thing, this is just purely to become popular on facebook and get more girls. i dont have a phone so when im not home i often thing about checking my facebook, see who is talking to me.. wtf is going on? why is facebook so powerful lol
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helenduale wchrog

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Oswald Alvin

Not that bad except you are addicted to it. Thing become bad when it disturb your social life in reality.

marrenja Maria Reny Seja

No, its not bad. I think of all the social media that are exist right now, facebook still have the better features.


its time consuming. its only powerful because everyone uses it. you need to do something else that can take your mind away from social media

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

Facebook is not bad at all. But addiction of anything is bad. Facebook is not so powerful but your desire to be on Facebook makes you such. Anything we use should be in limit. We should able to control it. Not be controlled by it. Do what you like but you should not be carried away by it. Popularity on Facebook is for a while.

Easytee Terry

It depends on what you think. If you think it's bad, then it's bad because you know better what you do there. If you think it's good fine. Like me, I hardly chat or post pics, I just read what I chose to read from the posts, post what I feel. People think I'm addicted but I don't care because I learn a lot from facebook. I get awareness and limit my friendzone and block who always post what I feel I dislike. So for me, facebook is not bad. Maybe you just need to improve and what you do there. That's my opinion.

Ricardo.Thinks ricardo alexandre

thats a brilliant answer tbh, its gave me alot to think about. thanks bro


Aww it is cool tobe on facebook tllyou are talking to your friends babe talk as much as you want

~BayBEE~BeLLa~ %HeArT*BrEaKeR%

lol facebook is addicted :P and i guess everyone feel's that way at times ..

Ricardo.Thinks ricardo alexandre

i suppose alot of us do.. i just tihnk way too much and i want an answer for everything.. or atleast to know im not the only one thats feels a certain way haha :P

Death-Wishes Mercedes M Craighead

No facebook is not bad just don't talk to people u don't know

Ricardo.Thinks ricardo alexandre

sorry i dont agree kid. i think facebook can be bad if you are not careful, we jsut need to be aware of whats going on, though youre right maybe i shouldent talk to people i dont know lol

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