Is he worth waiting for?
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i had an ex boyfriend before.that was 3 years ago then lately,we started communicating again.. funny thing is,we both realize we still have feelings for each other. but he said we can't be together now because he has 2 focus on his career..he said we still have 2 wait for a couple of months... is he worth waiting for??
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Shylo Lorene

think we've already answered this one


yea give him a chance

ucsimplyd Denise

What about you? Is he good enough for you? Is he someone you wanna love now and give all of yourself because there is nothing wrong with you love comes to you it's nothing you beg for or wait for remember it's unconditional if he doesn't feel as you do then it's not time. Deal with your life and career.

bigthinkragh raghav singh

correct maclarenkenzie..agree with you..its all depends on you.

take your time & give him too..because carrier is also very important

sheena_samson83 chin-chin

thank u for the advise..:)

maclarenkenzie Kenzie

it depends do you have enough patience? Do you really really like him? If so you should wait, but if you don't, is it maybe the best choice? Think of the pros and cons of the situation that usually helps you come closer to your answer :)

sheena_samson83 chin-chin

yeah... thank u for your advise,,

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