Is it called love trouble??
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Please help me.... Cant bear to see my friend getting insulted becoz of this possessive girl. though she is my best friend she can easily hurt others deep by her words. My best friend(a boy) tried to console my friend ( a girl) as she was humiliated by her crush. HE is a pretty famous in college and is friendly with everybody.. Now her crush sticks by my best friend and they are always together like friends..... and this girl that is.. my friend gets possessive over my best friend... brings him snacks all the time....her dad owns a mobile shop so he gets free recharge... talks about him all the time... goes to the canteen just to see him and gets him and his friends snacks... all was going well except now that she has started to get too possessive and shouts at him infront of others and he gets angered but doesn't show it to her coz he doesnt't like hurting others.... He started talking to her to bring her back from her heartbreak. but now i cant bear to see my friend insulted in front of my colleagues as if he had done something wrong. He tries to gently avoid her but she always takes the initiative to call, watsapp and to sit near him in class. my friend is irritated and is hurt by her constant scolding and tears.... I dont know what to do. please help me......
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Oswald Alvin

Telling the truth may be the best

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

Your friend should tell her the truth. Coz saying nothing will harm only him from inside. For the sake of someone else he can't bet his happiness

marrenja Maria Reny Seja

tell the real feeling of the boy :)

Marie:) Cassandra

yell her the truth yea she may get her but she will stop and it probably be best if he told her i know from what you said that he dont like to hurt people and i am the same way but every now and then you have to or people will walk all over you

lexilamb14 lexi lamb

wow hate to ay it but teel her the truth we all need to hear it every now and then

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