Is it good to date for more than years without getting married?
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It confuses to know whats right on dating stuff. Long time dating or short time
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I enjoyed dating for many years without getting married. Because I see marriage as the grave of love. So I like to go on a long-term date rather than getting married. happy wheels

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The wedding is like this, kind of lukewarm? Quite different than it was at the beginning of the relationship, when a touch of skin was enough to make the body catch fire? For although the experts say that it is possible to keep the flame of passion alive, the reality is, in general, different. Especially for those who have been married for many years.

aglasikristine Ririchiyo Akane

If you want to know that person better or if you wanted to make sure that she/he is the right one then there's no sin to it


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TamerlanAKuzgov Tamerlan A Kuzgov

"Golden middle"...what is enough is enough. You just need time to know a person very well. It may be short or long time even though it is not gurantee you will know him well enough because some people show their real character in the marriage...

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