Is it normal for a girl to breakup with a guy, then she wants him back?
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I have this friend who broke up with her bf recently and she's seeking some advice from me but this situation is more complicated than I thought. She broke it off with the guy and now she's obsessed with him. She communicates with his mom, block her # call him just to hear his voice then hang up, text him on holidays and talks about him a lot. I need some advice for this girl she really needs the help. Oh and he text her a couple of times saying he want her back and she didn't reply! :|
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zindyceleste Zindy celeste

Very normal,but some times maybe she just miss the memories,not him

zay-ho dunnoo

i think its normal

Oswald Alvin

Normal, cause sometimes we don't know how precious someone when still together, but after losing him by mistake then we feel about want him back especially when taken for granted. Not every people get second chance, that why before broke up with someone think it careful

Actualcola Nishan Panwar

Yes!! it is normal, we used to understand the true value of someone who is close to us when he/she is gone.

chandini101 Chandini Bharath

maybe she thought if she broke it off that it will be less complicated r either create a new spark with someone else but now she finds herself missing and hurting . maybe thats why shes obsessed

marrenja Maria Reny Seja

thats normal, it happens to a lot of girls or boys.

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