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Guardian Amber Hope

And do you have faith?

Guardian Amber Hope

I apologize; I don't mean to offend you or anything, but I am just curious to see as to whether or not you have a religion or not. I believe in God and I continue to believe because of my faith. If you don't have a religion, though, I can see why you would ask. Even if you do, some people just ask questions which is good, so I encourage you to continue doing so as long as they are good, reasonable questions..... Change in subject apparently...

Believe HakunaMatata

Just because you cant see him, doesnt mean he isnt there. How do you think Earth was created.? If you read the Bible, it tells you about how the Earth was created within 7 days. There is a God, and you need to know it.

mohamedail Hammody Ali

yes of course theres a god. who you think created you, me, everything? yes we cant see god but we know god is there

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