Is there any steps in moving on?
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its been a few months when i started to asked some advices here and it really helps whenevr each one of you answered my question..but now,it really ends my relationship with him..i did try a lot of things just to make things work again and for him to stay,but he just answered me the plain "NO & NOT NOW"!!,,and until now im still trying to win him back,but he seems so cold and never showed me any emotions whenever we hurts coz i really love him and i cant let go of him that easy..but im trying to make myself realize that its not smart enough to still fight for that person when he gave up on me,now..i would like to ask some advices again and some steps in moving on...thank you for never ending patience for answering my questions.. lovelots, Debbie ♥
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ucsimplyd Denise

We all have an inner beauty which shares and shows our happiness when you understand that you make yourself happy and what anyone else does is like a plug-in to what you wake up every morning and are blessed with and view ... I'll ask you a question how many times do you tell yourself I love me? If you love yourself you don't deal with dumb issues.

mistsofjade00 terri
  1. A deep breath. 2. Take one step forward. 2. Keep your eyes wide open. 3. Keep your chin up. 4. Smile
Babykoala68 BabyKoala

Debbie, you deserve to be loved by someone who is going to respect you and not keep you hanging until THEY are ready...Love hurts baby Girl, no doubt about that, but just think what you could be missing by "Waiting" for someone who has already told you No and Not right now~ Someone is waiting to Love you..Are you willing to deny yourself of that love? Move on for now baby. Who knows, maybe down the road it will happen for you guys, but not now. Let yourself be happy~

debbie debbie

thank you, guys really helps me a lot to move on.. :))


Sometimes even though it hurts you got to accept it and try to move on with your life. It is not as easy as it sounds and no one can and would ever know how you really feel. You have God, health, strenght and beauty and you need to think about yourself just for a while. I believe if its meant to be, he would be the one begging and pleading to get back together. I say cut ties with him, enjoy some time alone or with friends and keep strong.

Stargirl1250 madison holman

I'm sorry that he's being that way torwards to you. If I was you I would cut all ties off of him. Then get rid of anything that has to do with him like deleting him off of facebook, getting rid of anything that reminds you of him, etc. Then try talking to friends about it to friends. Try going out with friends to get him off of your mind.


It's really hard to move on if you don't have any closure. If you still want him deep down and believe there's even an ounce of hope you two will get back together then it will be really tough moving on. But if you want to start taking steps, I'd suggest you start by talking to him to find some type of closure then cutting off all ties with him.

debbie debbie

thank you...for the good really helps :)

donduvie Eduvie Donald

There is a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue, though it's a long lane that has no turning...if you truly love him as you have claimed - be patient, keep fighting and check where you both got it wrong, correct yourselves and you two will be back again stronger than before.

debbie debbie

i think im trying to be patient and still trying to fight for him but theres always a time you get tired of chasing someone..but a part of me still hoping that one day,he'll come back to work things out on us...thank you for the good advice :)

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