Is this true?
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i grow up in holland with my mum and dad,but at the age of 5 my mum ran away with me to Australia with this other guy that my mum wonted to marie. they even had sex when i was in the bed with them.(scared for life) she found out that he already had a wife and kids.i soon turned 7 and my mum was sick of me, she was going to leave me on the streets and run away. but my farther took me back but after my mum left him he went poor and we were living in a small caravan for half of my life. we were that poor i had to sell drugs to kids at school but i got court and went to jail for (kids) for two years: this happened when i was 14: i was teased a lot at school because i looked asian and had small tits. when i turned 20 i sore my mum age and i punched her in the face, when she fell to the ground i felt sorry for her and helped her up, when i did she punch me in the belly and arms and face. know im 25 and for some reason after all the horrible thing that happened i wouldn't change one bit of it.
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shubhie267 shubhi

ummm you should not care about what others think abou you....... just give a damn to those bloody people and live your life as you wish to . speak you mind . fight the world . you'll feel good . just forget about the damn world and only think about you and your future . wish you a good life further .... :)


u did the right thang

Believe HakunaMatata

"Is this true?" , is what true? Honestly , this is your life and we cant tell you what you did was right or wrong , even though i think you have a pretty stuffed up life . You shouldnt care what people think or have thought of you , do what you think is good for you , do what makes you happy , because at the end of the day , your only impressing yourself. And as they say , "No regrets" .

ed.tuzon ed alan

It is the lessons in life that I am interested here..regardless if it happened to a person or not would not matter much for me. I just realized 3 things: (a) we tend to be STUPID if we are in love; (b) we look for ways to survive even if it meant that we go against society's rules; and (c) if we do not move on with our lives, we will eventually sink in the quagmire of our own misery.

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