Can anyone tell me what does this all mean?
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Girlfriend and I, have been together alittle over two months now. she's absolutely beautiful, Fun, etc. Amazing in all aspects:) Whenever I'm trying to make a move on her (sexually) she blows me off... I asked her one day if anything is wrong; " it's complicated?" she said. can anyone tell me what does this all mean?
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maricelconso Maricel Conso

Women can be really different in a lot of ways. Sometimes women have issues they prefer not to talk about. Make her feel that you are there for her and let her know that she can tell you anything. Tell her that you want to have a better relationship with her, but if she doesn't wanna talk about it, u will respect it. It will be hard for u to read something unreadable, especially A relationship should be two-way. Good luck.


Maybe she's not yet ready or the she is the girl who wants no sex before marriage. Girls need more time and besides both of you is in a relationship for 2 mos. only. Respect her values. and when the right time comes she will give it to you no need to beg for it.

IamNeverheard Neverheard

Two things either,

She loves you more or You love her less.

csbutterfly2008 carol


jerryelijahjack Jerry Elijah Jack

first off all, she might be a "no sex before marriage' kind of girl or she just doesn't want to give in to a relationship that is still very young.

Ihatelove Samantha Mangan

coming from a girl that has the same problem...give her time...

bryant.richmond bryant richmond

I have seen it a few times. Could be she was abused a in past relationship or even as a child. Or has been burned really really bad a few times, and its probably her wall put up, if she has sex that wall comes down and she just might be scared to death. I went almost 7 months with a woman with this a few years ago, and was patient, she had some serious issues. Some issues are so bad though the sex when it does come may never be good, because she may be very reserved in bed.


Justin,I think this is something only she can answer truthfully.nobody can tell what her thoughts are but her.Maybe she is waiting for reasons she can not share yet-she might not understand completely how to explain what she's feeling.She might be afraid to tell you worried you will not understand or she does not want to lose you.

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