Jealousy or what? Help!!
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So this person is trying to make me jealous, and i think its working with them. And although I'm not the jealous type, I'm trying to avoid it but its not working . So the question is how do i show the person I'm not jealous and act as if I don't care or that I'm clueless about what they are trying to do. You see, they try saying stuff that will make me mad, and show off their relationships or stupid drama to me, and expect me to respond back to them. It's complicated, but how do i work it out?
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InsaneInsomniac Sushan

Just do TIT for TAT....make them jealous....And grls like u can do it very easily ;) :)

horselover_ dakoda

show him that he has no control over you show him that all it is doing is makeing you a stronger person just smile and dotn let him know it is getting to you i know it is harder said then done but still :) just smile and keep your head up .

Ana15 Ana15

its not a guy btw, but thx ;D


if you keep talking to that person your making them stronger. You need to realize that your the better person and eliminate the negativity from your life. Find yourself if no one else has what it takes to keep you

j.vicke jennifer

sounds like to me,their the one jealous of you.hold your head high and smile,because haters make you famous

CDGCrew Dan

If they only want attention then you could approach this two ways. 1) Give them what they want, stand up to them and embarrass the shit out of them in front of everyone. Find out their weaknesses and exploit them. This may not be the best answer to it because it could cause trouble. 2) Act like they don't even exist. Cut them out of your life because they aren't worth it. If they say things to you just simply walk past them and don't say a word. If you show you don't care, they will walk away.

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