No perfect marriage?
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Why? Why do lovers come to hate themselves after marriage? What happened to the Love and feelings they once had binding them? Why do we have to place unnecessary Pressures on our kids with divorces and quarrels? Is a peaceful marriage not possible? I would love to have answers from married people. :-)
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ZincAmide Zinc Amide

Bonds are kept firm with happiness and satisfaction. And its never achieved until we prioritize or at least equalize spiritual and materialistic believes. Simply because the things to tie up relationships are all spiritual phenomena. We start acting like machines that needs modification and replacements because we focus on materials more than the soul-related things that makes us greedy and preoccupied of the stuff we keep.

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

There's nothing that is perfect in every thing or in any relationship you have to make adjustments. I will answer it in short.. We humans love the things we don't have and desire for those things but we don't love and appreciate the things and the person we have. After marriage all the love, romance and care go out of your window you feel like you are trapped your freedom has been taken away from you, now you have many responsibility and problems in life all this make marriage a spoiler

ammy_ Anurag Prakash ray

There's one way for this that is perfect timing for getting married when you are financially viable, mature, well prepared mentally to bear the responsibility of your partner. N you know every relationship requires some sacrifices and adjustments.

Easytee Terry

So how do you make a happy marriage last

Oswald Alvin

Of course there is no perfect marriage, they just keep fix it until it works again. Actually, i have seen a lot of successful marriage. Several couple staying together for more than 40 or even 50 years, and their marriage still intact. Peaceful marriage need a lot of understanding and compromise.

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