Unexplainable feeling of wanting to die?
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I can't explain the feeling but every moment of my life there hasn't a day passed without me thinking that I want to end my life. I don't have serious problems,I don't lack love and I have gone through a lot of experience already like depression, suicidal thoughts and all but have lived the next day, but there is this urge of wanting to rest in peace and sleep for eternity
 Death And Dying questions 
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fitcrewtraveller omer farooq dar

Life can be unpredictable sometimes and you got to stay positive and think about good things and let life surprise you

aglasikristine Ririchiyo Akane

sad to say but that kind of method doesn't really work on me


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I go through the same thing, I feel surrounded by people but I know that none of them really like me. They're just pretending.

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Stephenmichael Stephen W

I have a similar life, but not to your exact extent. I have had thoughts of death and suicide since childhood though. My serious advice, diet and exercise. Its echoed so often it seems like a scape-goat for real advice, but it will be the foundation of your joyful life, it is for mine.

Additional ideas:

-Brainwave Optimization. Look it up, ive used it, very powerful results

-find a reputable QRA doctor near, also find a DO doctor. MD's are drug dealers, forget them.

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